Yamato Co., Ltd mainly deals automobile exhaust and industrial silencer. Always developing the new mufflers and silencers. REINHARD brand is our automobile brand.

Always developing the new mufflers and silencers. REINHARD brand is our automobile brand.

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As for sales to venders

Tail products
If you are in Japan, are you in trouble for a large quantity to import the tails from overseas market?

We can sell our tails even small quantity for you. And also our prices are very
competitive than overseas products. Please feel free to inquiry us about MOQ and prices.
Also we can ship our products to overseas customers too by EMS or UPS.
Please feel free to ask us.

Also you might consider the trade conditions with overseas suppliers like quantity, shipping fee, import tax, payment conditions and checking the company credibility.

We have our own factory to manufacture the exhaust products for long and we are
confident of small lot per order, short delivery and competitive price. Please contact us now.

Have you ever experienced to lose the business chances to sell the imported items with taking a time too much?

We can ship the products partially if you are in hurry to receive the products for your customers.
Please feel free to inquiry us.

Also if you are planning to sell new items and new design of tail for your local market, you might consider the mould fee would be expensive so that the price of new design tail will be higher.

We can bear the mould fee by ourselves but one condition. We also sell the same product
to our customers. If interested, please contact to us today.

Our facility can be making moulds, design and production with one continuous operation so we can accept the small quantity, short delivery term. You don’t need to compare the price and MOQ with overseas manufactures.
Please contact us now   Please click the following link the details