Easy cleaning silencer

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NEW EASY CLEANING SILENCER Patent pending: 2012-107205

This product was made from customer’s opinions !!Easy to decompose and easy to clean !!Long life and economy with easy cleaning and maintenance !!

In the diversification of industries, the demands for our products are also diversified in the market. The noise comes out from factories and construction site must be a consideration for environment and people’s claims and also as regulation by the government raw. The constructors has to aware for the people’s life and society near a construction site too.

Hearing our customer’s opinion for the products and environment of usage for our customers makes our decision to make the new silencer which enable to clean and maintenance like above image product. The past silencers were weld inside a silencer and closed to prevent the noise. These silencers were scrapped or changed to the new one when the affection of silencer was loosen. So Yamato Co., Ltd designed and developed the new type of silencer which enable to clean and maintenance easily with one touch process. Also you can change the parts inside the silencer easily too. Some users are required to clean inside the silencer or change the inside materials to remove dust, coagulated dust and piled dust before but this new product can be used for long period with fixed interval maintenance and economical for users.

We had applied the patent with Asahi Kasei Co., Ltd together with above new systems.

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