Q&A for industrial silencer


I would like to know if your product can be fitted to my generator.

Please provide the following information to us then we would like to inform if our product will fit to your generator later.

1.Our type you are interested in (TY, TK, TR, TO type)
2.Noise (dB) at present
3.Expecting noise reduction like (-30dB, -35dB, -40dB and -45dB)
4.Exhaust fumes or engine displacement (m3/min)
5.Fitting the silence method to generator
6.Necessity of companion flange (including bolt, nut, gasket)

What is the payment method to your company ?

We accept the advanced payment by wire transfer bank to bank when you placed the formal order to us.

How long does it take to manufacture the custom made silencer ?

After hearing your demands for the custom made silencer including size and performances, we would like to judge if we can manufacture or not. Then if we found we could make the silencer for you, we will make the scheduling and will inform about it to you later.